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Is Tom Left-handed?

Tom usually holds his mic with his left hand. Doesn't this mean he is left-handed? He does hold the mic with his right hand like in the picture sleeve of "Live at Flamingo", but that is a rare case. Let's examine these photos.


In most cases the mic is in his left hand.

He usually holds the glasses in his left hand, too.

Picture sleeve of "Live at Caesars Palace".

Is this just to hold his mother's shoulder?

Gordon also holds the glass in his left hand.

Also uses his left hand.

Look, Tom is the only one with the mug in his left hand.

The cigar is in his left hand.

Cooking with his left hand.

Pouring the tea for Linda with his left hand!

Is Tom's mother also left-handed?


This is a rare occasion with the mic in his right hand.

Drinks whisky with his right hand.

One morning in Paris. Right handed.

Dropping the needle on the disc with his right hand.

Uses the sword with the right hand.

Also right-handed tennis player.

Shaving with his right hand.

Sighning autograph with the right hand.

Hi is right-handed, right?

Hmmm, I'm still wondering which he is, right-handed or left-handed. We must notice some of the pictures might be developed reversely. But looking at these photos, though he holds the mic's and glasses in his left hand, he always write with his right hand. A tennis racket in his right hand, too. Does this mean he is right-handed?

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